52-day online course

A 52-day course to activate
abundance in all areas of your life






Shift into Abundance

Do YOU want to experience abundance in every area of your life?

The 52-day Activating Abundance Online course is a very special opportunity to be guided through Activating Abundance book by the authors themselves Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo.

The Activating Abundance book is a series of 52 secret codes that have the power to create massive shifts in 9 key areas of your life.

The book was the culmination of Regan and JuanPa’s combined experiences and journeys of self growth over the years. They knew they were being called to share the secrets of manifesting abundance to their followers, and this is how Activating Abundance was born.

The codes of abundance work in a truly unique way to bring about abundance in multiple areas of your life. The 52 codes, that also are represented by beautifully designed geometric patterns laid out in the book and also in a seperate card deck, work in conjunction with what Regan and JuanPa call ‘the limiters’ which basically help you unblock negative and limiting patterns of behaviour you aren’t consciously aware of.

By releasing these blocks and rewiring your thought patterns, you allow for abundance to flow into all areas of your life you choose.

” What you have both created here is BEYOND next level!!!…

I am one if those people who has been doing what I felt was my purpose for a loooooong time (15yrs). I’ve invested thousands in mentoring, courses and nothing changed even when implementing.”

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Last year I gave up on me because my life was not sustainable and inspite of all the mindset work, manifesting, abundance work, journaling etc etc, nothing shifted for me and I have felt like something was disturbing the process.
However, could not understand why clients that I would have grounded healing session with were having tangible results incredibly quick.
This is THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I have heard it all and felt an abundance of resonance.
I felt my heart pulsating, my tears well up in gratitude and the fire return to my belly through all of that training.
What you have both created here is BEYOND next level!!!
Thank you for receiving this. Sharing this, being who you both are in the world and you courage to show up.
I love you both beyond words and am so excited to go deeper!

Kiarna Ella



Activating AbundancE Online Course

A 52-day course to activate abundance in all areas of your life

The 52-day online course is a series of videos where Regan and Juan Pa guide you through the process of activating these codes step by step so you get to EXPERIENCE the journey instead of implementing the codes by yourself. This method allows you to take quicker action in activating abundance in all areas of your life, as you are guided each day with a new code.

You will receive;

52 videos sent directly to you via email or the app

TWO laser coaching session with an RHI International Coach

Membership to the thriving Facebook community


I am feeling like I have SO much energy
I am more in control of my state and how I feel. My vibes have been so freakin high and because of all of this I have had massive biz growth over the past two weeks for myself and others. I actually feel like such a magnet right now BUT I’m letting it come with ease even more. I have such a relaxed certainty whilst I still am taking massive aligned action daily. Feeling GOOD!”

Alissa V Buttiglieri

” Soo happy I did it!

I choose to take the past 2 days to go back. Completely not in my nature, but I recognized I pulled back into my “control” behaviour of getting it done rather than activating and re wiring. I gave myself permission to start a few codes again. Soo happy I did. Saw them again with fresh eyes. Day 7 – Juan Pablo Barahona what a powerful and so much fun release. Thank you! Regan Anne Hillyer your beautiful voice almost brought me to tears. What a radiant start to my day. So much love to you both!”

Amber de Grasse

” I loved the impact that these codes are doing in my life every day

I love myself and my body no matter what” is the key to open other frequencies.
“When I LOVE myself, the universe LOVES me back and the possibilities of expansion and growing are infinite. Amazing!!! Thank you Regan and Juan Pablo. Lots of love to your soul team. “Nice remembrance of one of my best experience”

Marcos Garcia

” My reality has been shifting rapidly lately.

Confusion GONE! This one area (about where I want to live) had remained a point of confusion for me. Every time I thought about it, I got a heavy feeling in my chest, and truly felt conflicted. I did the code and within an hour, boom, conflict resolved.”

Tara Daylami

” Heartfelt gratitude

Thank you for the beautiful code which sums up all this powerful deep work that we have been doing for ourselves.. wow 52 days!, Heartfelt gratitude for this community for holding the space, for our own little universes which has helped drive the codes even deeper and make it real and in immense gratitude for this gift of life. And sending healing and love to this planet and all its beings with every action of love, joy, happiness and healing! Thank you Regan Anne Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona for the downloads of this wisdom! I take away most strongly that need to BE PRESENT and BE THE CHANNEL FOR THE FLOW!!! With humility and gratitude…. love to all..”

Christina M. Ghose