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abundance is your birthright

Regan and JuanPa are on a powerful mission to inspire and EMPOWER thousands…

Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona speak at events around the world about their shared and individual experiences of growing multi-million dollar businesses and achieving incredible personal success.

Using the secrets behind Activating Abundance as their inspiration, they empower thousands of people around the world to be able to achieve unlimited abundance in their lives.

They do this not only by talking about the importance of mindset and shifting away from self limiting beliefs, but also by sharing their EXACT tools and systems that let abundance flow freely into their lives too.

” What you have both created here is BEYOND next level!!!…

I am one if those people who has been doing what I felt was my purpose for a loooooong time (15yrs). I’ve invested thousands in mentoring, courses and nothing changed even when implementing.”

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Last year I gave up on me because my life was not sustainable and inspite of all the mindset work, manifesting, abundance work, journaling etc etc, nothing shifted for me and I have felt like something was disturbing the process.
However, could not understand why clients that I would have grounded healing session with were having tangible results incredibly quick.
This is THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I have heard it all and felt an abundance of resonance.
I felt my heart pulsating, my tears well up in gratitude and the fire return to my belly through all of that training.
What you have both created here is BEYOND next level!!!
Thank you for receiving this. Sharing this, being who you both are in the world and you courage to show up.
I love you both beyond words and am so excited to go deeper!

Kiarna Ella

Past speaking and teaching events

Bhakti Fest

Hanuman Festival

Habitude Warrior Conference

Freedom Fest

Collective Legacy

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Agape Spiritual Centre

Thrive – Make Money Matter

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Speaking topics

Regan and JuanPa inspire audiences around the world on the secrets to living a life of abundance. View a selection of their speaking topics below.

Activating The Codes Of Abundance

– How to activate abundance
– Embodying abundance
– Rewiring your unconscious mind
– Field alignment
– Overcoming blocks and limitations with abundance
– How to speed up the manifestation process
– And much, much more…

How The Codes Came To Life

– Accessing Divine Information Looking To Come Through You
– How to open your channel
– How to channel your unique gifts
– Connecting to your divine intuition
– Bringing the divine information forward into physical manifestations
– And much, much more…

The Art and Science Of Embodying Abundance

– Understanding the brain and the nervous system
– Rewiring your being at cellular level to expand into more abundance
– How to utilise your pineal gland
– How to rewire your unconscious mind
– The science of field alignment
– Using your gut brain to accelerate results
– And much, much more…

Where Mystery and Science Meet To Create Abundance

– Demystifying abundance and spirituality
– How to utilise the power of mystery and the power of science together
– How to rewire your unconscious mind
– The science of field alignment
– Abundance technology tools that generate results
– And much, much more…

Live codes of Abundance Activation

1 hour – 3 hour live activation
Can be for general abundance or focused on 1 main area of life, ie Wealth, Purpose, etc

– Grounding into the code
– Releasing the abundance limiters
– Using internal activators to rewire your unconscious mind
– Physical embodiment activations using breath, movement and sound
– Field rewires to shift your energetic field
– Visual activators to rewire your brain using new sacred geometry
– Coded medicine activations to align you deeply with abundance
– Manifestation accelerators to accelerate the aligned action after leaving the activation
– And much, much more…


I am feeling like I have SO much energy
I am more in control of my state and how I feel. My vibes have been so freakin high and because of all of this I have had massive biz growth over the past two weeks for myself and others. I actually feel like such a magnet right now BUT I’m letting it come with ease even more. I have such a relaxed certainty whilst I still am taking massive aligned action daily. Feeling GOOD!”

Alissa V Buttiglieri

” My reality has been shifting rapidly lately.

Confusion GONE! This one area (about where I want to live) had remained a point of confusion for me. Every time I thought about it, I got a heavy feeling in my chest, and truly felt conflicted. I did the code and within an hour, boom, conflict resolved.”

Tara Daylami