Visual activator cards

The 52 card deck that allows you to
visually activate each code





Visual activator cards

Accelerating Abundance

Do YOU want to have a tool to access abundance wherever you go?

Regan and JuanPa have created this 52 visual activator card deck, plus 9 extra key cards, so you can access abundance throughout the day wherever you are.

Each key and code in the Activating Abundance book has its own dedicated visual activator, which is new sacred geometry, specially designed to open up the optical nerve in your eyes.

This is an important process, because the optical nerve is directly connected to the pineal gland, which is associated with your intuition and your general perception of well-being.


” I can’t stop staring at it!

My heart space is absorbing and healing and re rooting into a beautiful grounding space of love! Can’t wait for the book and all the things.

Kimberly Radke

” Staring at these visuals is amazing

I experience the pictures moving and the colors just dance. So beautiful!

Wyndi Moffitt Salvagio

” Thank you for this!

They really resonate with me and draw negativity out of me while infusing warmth into me. I can see a form developing in the centre but can’t see it fully yet.

Kristal Baldwin


The Codes

Unlock Abundance In The 9 Key Areas of Your Life


Activating the remembrance of why you are here on the planet


Activating your ability to contribute through the nature of interconnectedness


Activating the god within you as you allow life to become a ceremony


Activating your natural state of optimum health


Activating you to separate from your emotional body and allowing you to tap into the energy in motion


Activating your ability to become aware of your conscious and unconscious mind constructs


Activating the deepest layers of passion in every area of your life


Activating all relationships of the highest vibration, starting with your relationship to self


Activating the abundance of wealth that is waiting to flow into your life

” Wow!

I love the visual connection out from the heart spiralling down to the sacral space.

Megan Lorelle

” Stunning!

This is amazing! I can see the colors shifting and moving it’s a beautiful sight to take in!

Kristin Apodaca